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ActiveCampaign database for Power BI [Video]

ActiveCampaign database for Power BI

In this video I will show you how you can add an ActiveCampaign database and download data with the Power BI connector from Invantive Cloud. You do not need any technical knowledge to use our connector. This tutorial works for both and Microsoft Power BI Desktop.

Don’t have an account on Invantive Cloud yet? Then watch our video on how to create an account for a free 180-day trial.

Press the ‘Add Database’ button on the homepage of Invantive Cloud.

Now select ‘ActiveCampaign’ from the list of platforms.

Enter your account name.

You’ll now need your API key. Log in to your ActiveCampaign account. Go to ‘Settings’, ‘Developer’ and copy your API key.

Paste this in the input field in Invantive Cloud and press ‘Finish’.

Your IP address must be added so that you can use Bridge Online with Power BI. Click the orange ‘Add and Save’ button.

Now launch Microsoft Power BI.

Select ‘Get data’ under the ‘Home’ tab.

Look for the standard ‘OData feed’ connector in the list of Power BI connectors.

Click on ‘Connect’.

Now go back to Invantive Cloud. Click the copy icon at ‘Bridge Online URL’.

Paste the copied URL into the window in Power BI.

Click on ‘OK’.

You must now log in with your Invantive Cloud credentials. Click on ‘Basic’.

Enter your Invantive Cloud e-mail address and password and then press connect.

Expand the first item. Here you can select your ActiveCampaign tables with the data you want to use in Microsoft Power BI.

When you’ve made your selection, click on ‘Load’. Depending on the size of the tables, this may take some time.

After the download is complete, you will see an overview of all your tables on the right. You can check a table to use for dashboards and reports in Power BI.

If there are any changes to your ActiveCampaign database, you can click on ‘Refresh’ at the top. This will refresh the data in your dashboard and reports and implement the latest changes.

You can now use your ActiveCampaign database in Power BI. If you want to use a different data connector you can find more videos on our YouTube channel showing you how to use our other connectors.

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How to Schedule CronJobs to Send Email Notifications — Python Task Automation with CronJobs (part 2) [Video]

Hello Everyone! My name is Andrew Fung, in this video, I will be showing you how to automate your everyday web scraping tasks with beautiful soup and schedule it to run on a regular basis with cron jobs on Mac. In this second episode, I will be firstly using the web scraping script that we have written in the first episode, then create a function for sending email notifications to our mailboxes, and finally, setting up cron jobs to run this task periodically and on a regular basis.Problem statement: I am currently on a waitlist in my uni's hall application, and my waitlist can be found from the university webpage's pdf link, which will be updated at the same time every week. Thus, I will run a cron job to fetch my waitlist position one hour after the weekly update from the web page and send me an email of my new position.#taskautomation #cronjob #python #webscraping #beautifulsoupInstallation and Setup!Replit: https://replit.comGMail App passwords: error and solution: scheduling and naming conventions: https://crontab.guruSource code for this project: out my Github!​ | Intro2:58 | Run Part 1 Locally4:41 | Creating a Virtual Environment7:50 | Send Email with smtp15:11 | Setting Up Cron Jobs24:55 | Out tro-------------------------------Feel free to drop a like and comment if you enjoy and video and let me know if you want me to do other types of programming videos ;) !!!

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Fiverr Gig- I will build your automated email campaign [Video]

Check out our Gig at the link below!

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In this on-demand webinar BrainSell and SugarCRM took a deeper look into Sugar Market. We covered: - The difference between email marketing vs. marketing automation tools.- When it is time to consider Marketing Automation for your business.- The value of integrating a marketing automation platform with your CRM system.- And a live demo of Sugar Market!

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Earlier, Mailchimp audience was called list. I have shown how to create an audience in mailchimp. Watch the full video. At the point when you make a Mailchimp account, mailchimp will ask you for some data to consent to against spam practices and assist you with following execution. mailchimp will utilize this data to kick your crowd off. All you need to do next is add or gather a few contacts. You can add bought in reaches individually, transfer contacts from a document, reorder contacts from an accounting page, or utilize an incorporation to match up your contacts. We restrict clients from shipping off bought, leased, or outsider records, so make certain to genuinely take a look at our crowd prerequisites before you start.#mailchimp #mailchimp_audience++++++********============*********+++++++++I am on all the popular social media for you "Connect with me"Website: https://www.pagiest.comWeebly: