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7 STEPS TO CREATE A POWERFUL VIDEO MARKETING STRATEGY | #ScrumStubs | Built with Agility ™ [Video]


In the past decade alone, #video marketing has entered every platform and channel, especially a marketer’s social marketing strategy

The biggest reason for #video marketing influence is that there are screens everywhere, be it in your pocket with a smartphone, on your car dashboard or even on your bed with tvs, laptops or tablets. Even your watch has now become “smart” and with a digital screen.

Hi, i’m cally from the international institute of digital marketing. Here are 7 steps to create a powerful #videomarketingstrategy which will help you as an entrepreneur: 1) understand the purpose
No #videomarketingstrategy would be a success if you are shooting in the dark and don’t know what exactly is the purpose behind making that #video.

One of the primary goals of your #videomarketingstrategy should be to keep your audience in mind and to educate, entertain, and inspirethem.

2) know your target audience
#video marketing just like any other marketing platform requires you to know your audience and its success starts with knowing how to find that target audience.

As a startup with a limited budget, you can’t afford to waste any time or money and make a #video which will not make any impact as you didn’t focus on your target audience.

3) understand what makes them share, like, and buy
For your product and #videomarketingstrategy to be successful, you need to fully understand what will make your target audience not only watch your #video and buy your product but also share that #video with others and encourage them to buy your product as well.

4) topics and formats
Understand what is trending and what is in demand with regards to your target audience and to know what topic and format to include in your #video.

Further, search for what kind of format works best for your audience – is it #videos that are instructional in nature or a #video whichmotivates the audience.

5) know where and how to promote your #videos
When it comes to startup and marketing strategy, recording a #video and publishing it on youtube or instagram isn’t enough as you have to strategically promote it and know where it would work best.

6) know the most critical component of #video marketing
Many #video marketing strategiesfail as they fall into the trap of creating multiple one-off #videos. This only drives up costs and diminishes the #videos’ overall value. It is thus important to create #videosthat are simply a piece of the larger whole and not one-off.

7) creating a strong call-to-action
When creating a #video, it is also important to add a strong call-to-action to it so as to direct your viewers to the next #video or landing page.

Never undermine cta as it works as a reminder of the next step and compels viewers to further engagement.

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#Globally Recognized #ScrumStubs Platform:
For Event Details:
#ScrumStubs is a platform created in order to facilitate workshops, meet-ups, conferences, and coaching in the world of agile frameworks.
Our platform aims to provide a workflow-driven solution that serves to expedite the process of managing and creating a large number of IT training events. Our mission is to bring our battle-tested methods utilized by event management organizations and provide an automated workflow-based approach. We aim to help people in self-managing and give them the flexibility to find what works for them.

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The Philippines is still one of the top countries on social media, clocking in at 76 million users this year. Time spent daily on social media also soared in the Philippines, with the country spending the most time checking their accounts at 4 hours and 12 minutes, the fourth straight year its topped the list. Were also apparently on our phones a lot: 67 percent of online Filipinos access social media on their phone, higher than the global average of 42 percent.

Video Marketing

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