7 Most Used Free Marketing Tools For Startups & Freelancers | ALEPH-GLOBAL SCRUM TEAM ™ [Video]

7 Most Used Free Marketing Tools For Startups & Freelancers | ALEPH-GLOBAL SCRUM TEAM ™

As a freelancer, you are simultaneously managing work while tapping new ways to get income into your business. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could get some assistance, that too free of cost?
Hi, i’m cally, from the international institute of digital #marketing. Let’s look at the most used free #marketing tools for #startups & #freelancers.

1) google analytics
Google analytics is a great free tool by google that helps you analyze your website traffic –
The monthly sessions,
New users,
Source of traffic,
Campaign-specific sessions etc. The insights can really help you make relevant changes in your product and understand which campaigns are performing better.
2) smylelytics
Smylelytics is one of the amazing #marketing tools for #startups that sends a bi-monthly email report using your website traffic data in the form of interactive images and text, which adds the fun element to it.
3) mixpanel
Mixpanel is an advanced analytics tool that tracks users’ interactions on your online products and gives insights on their behaviour. You can track users at every stage and see what they are clicking and how many are moving on to the next stage.
4) hotjar
Hotjar is yet another commonly used #marketing tool for #startups that lets you see how your users are using your website/app. It maps users at all the stages of the user funnel to give you insights on changes you can make.
5) trello
Trello makes project management and collaborations simplified and manageable. A fantastic digital #marketing tool, trello provides a list of features to aid easy project management, absolutely free of cost.
6) mailchimp
Mailchimp helps you initiate your email #marketing plan, reach out to 2,000 subscribers and drop 12,000 emails, all this done without incurring a penny. There are other features like drip campaigns, a/b testing and third-party app integrations such as social media or google analytics.
7) woodpecker
Woodpecker is a tool that allows you to create an automated series of emails, also known as drip email #marketing. You can create a chain of cold emails or customer lifecycle emailers based on pre-defined triggers.
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