6 Easy Networking Tips For Entrepreneurs | HubSpot [Video]

6 Easy Networking Tips For Entrepreneurs | HubSpot

17 Great Conversation Starters to Break the Ice at Networking Events

6 Easy Networking Tips For Entrepreneurs: Networking is one of the best things you can do to organically help your business grow. But it’s not always easy. In this video, we check in with Ouigi Theodore of Brooklyn Circus to make it a little less intimidating. Watch and learn these 6 easy tips that’ll get you started on networking so you can begin building relationships and making connections fast!

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What is Networking

0:00 Networking Can Be Super Awkward
0:35 Intro
0:56 What is Networking?
01:18 Networking Has a Diversity Problem
1:50 Ouigi Theodore Interview
03:55 Networking Tip #1 Find Your Tribe
04:08 Networking Tip #2 Give More Than You Take
04:45 Networking Tip #3 Slide Into Those DM’s
05:55 Networking Tip #4 Listen
06:26 Networking Tip #5 Follow Up
6:35 Tory Gives a Free Gift
06:57 Just Be You

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