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5 ways to write an email subject line that your recipients have to open [Video]

5 ways to write an email subject line that your recipients have to open

This is a segment of the “Email Subject Lines” episode of Growth Decoded — a show that helps you grow your business by figuring out the customer experience, one piece at a time.

In this video, we discuss the power of curiosity in human psychology, in copywriting, and in writing an email subject line that causes your contacts to open your emails.

You’ll hear from our featured guest, Scott Frothingham, on how he thinks about curiosity and approaches the subject line writing process with curiosity in mind.

There are 5 main tactics (curiosity levers) that you can use to arouse curiosity:

1. Ask a question
2. Start a story — but don’t finish it
3. Say something unexpected
4. Imply that you have knowledge that they don’t
5. Imply that they have knowledge that they’ve since forgotten

Scott is the author of “Instant Inspiration for Copywriters” and founder of FastForward Results.

To learn more about Scott you can check out his website and book below:

In this episode, we investigate the topic of “Email Subject Lines” and explore how important the subject line is to getting your recipients to open your email. We also investigate how to write better subject lines, best practices for creating curiosity and intrigue, and explore the benefits and mechanics of A/B testing subject lines.

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