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2- BuildersMeet Website Creation and operation [Video]

BuildersMeet has designed a Customized, qualified, low-price Website for construction-related businesses with SEO and SSL protocol. They manage it by themselves with no need for programmers.

BuildersMeet as a construction social media has prepared a customized business profile for construction-related Businesses.

With this profile, you gain professional digital identities to start your e-commerce. The e-Commerce start point is having a Business Profile or Website or Both. 

The most valuable part of a customized Business Profile is the Website Creation Tool that acts as a dashboard for making a website on your desired URL. The website has been born by BuildersMeet Business Profile intensifies your digital identities. 

The “Create Website” is a tool that turns your Customized business profile into a tailored professional website. This tool consists of:

1. Create Business Website:

BuildersMeet has designed Customized Website for its users. The customized website means that it is tailored for each type of construction-related business based …

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News Corp Australias Claire Bradley on creating engaging content, using it to best effect, and 15 great ideas you can implement now [Video]

Every agent and every real estate brand knows content helps them build a presence in the marketplace, but when it comes to creating great content, it can be challenging to know where to start or how to find the time.