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10 Best Email Templates for MailChimp [2021] [Video]

10 Best Email Templates for MailChimp [2021]

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Grow your business and build a loyal client base with the items in our countdown of the 10 Best Email Templates for MailChimp [2021]. All items featured are available with a subscription to Envato Elements.

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Number 10 (1:10)
Boost – Corporate B2B Newsletter + Builder Access by eeemon

Number 9 (1:51)
Genuine E-commerce E-Newsletter Template by JeetuG

Number 8 (2:34)
Notify – 6 Emails + Themebuilder Access by RocketWay

Number 7 (3:24)
Sartre – Responsive Email Design Toolkit by ThemeMountain

Number 6 (4:17)
WOHOO – Beautiful Email Notifications Template by zippypixels

Number 5 (5:11)
Shop – Responsive Email + Online Template Builder by CastelLab

Number 4 (5:51)
Cloe – Responsive Email Template + Builder Access by theemon

Number 3 (6:30)
Dazzle – Photography Email Newsletter Template by Pathfinderstd

Number 2 (7:12)
Sentinel – Responsive Email + StampReady Builder by LEVELII

Number 1 (7:53)
Gravity – Responsive Creative Email + Builder by DynamicXX

Shapes and Colors Broadcast Package by Pixamins 

Energetic Synthwave by AlexUnderTheSky

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