Brand marketing for start-ups – Igor Fedenkoff, co-founder and CEO at Brybe [Video]

Source: marketing is often overlooked by marketers that work at start-ups as the focus usually is lead generation. According to Igor Fedenkoff this is a missed opportunity. As successful examples, he mentions and the Dollar Shave Club.In this episode, Elias has a chat with Igor. He’s the CEO and co-founder of Brybe, the marketplace for freelancers and influencers. Brybe has recently won in the Google Accelerator Growth Program.Topics we discuss:Branding vs. lead generationSuccessful channels to use for branding as a start-upHow to budget for brandingLinkedIn Igor Fedenkoff: Website Brybe:  The Marketing Technology Podcast is brought to you by Marketing Guys, the #1 Martech agency in Europe.If you want to be on this podcast or would like to know more about Marketing Technology, visit our website at or contact Elias Crum at

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Pipeline Hackers LIVE | Automate your Business | CRM & Sales System [Video]

💥 Claim a 14-Day Free Trial – Pipeline Hackers LIVE✅ Claim a Life Membership in Pipeline Business Club: this video, I will share the best steps and techniques to build your business using systems & automations.Are you Excited to Build a Sales Engine for your Business? If the Answer is YES then this Training is going to give you hands on experience on how to Build Sales Automation for yourself.The 5 Things you will Learn are:Step 1: Support Portal WalkthroughStep 2: Global Links WalkthroughStep 3: How to Integrate Facebook PixelsStep 4: How to Schedule your Email Nurture Sequence Step 5: Difference between Lead Generation & Lead Management Here is an Opportunity to Become a Life Member & Experience LIVE Training:💥 Claim FREE Pass to the “Sales Automation Workshop”:✅ Claim a Life Membership in Pipeline Business Club: #mypipeline #crm

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How to stop auto display ads on mobile || Pop up ads kaise band kare [Video]

How to stop auto display ads on mobile || Pop up ads kaise band kareAbout this video 📷Pop up ads solution tips#techsmartkanhuThanks for watching

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Twitter Marketing Strategy tutorial for beginners 2022 | Twitter Marketing | Digital Rakesh [Video]

Twitter Marketing Strategy tutorial for beginners 202 | Twitter Marketing | Digital RakeshJoin this channel to get access to perks: – Blogs – – #digitalrakesh #digitalmarketing #digitalmarketingtutorial Follow For Latest Videos And updatesFollow me on Twitter me on Linkedin Me on Instagram me On Facebook Our channel – Hello, I am Digital Rakesh a Digital Marketing consultant and Trainer from Hyderabad, India. I am also an Trainer in the field of Digital Marketing. I have 8+ years of hands on experience in Digital Marketing, I founded Skill 2 Digital, Rakesh Tech Solutions. I have 8+ years of hands on experience in Digital Marketing. I am passionate about SEO, SMO, Video Marketing,Web Analytics, Web Usability and Conversion Rate Optimization. Digital Marketing | SEO | SMO | SEM | SMM | Email Marketing | SMS Marketing | Video Marketing | Image Marketing | youtube | Facebook ads| Twitter| Linkedin| Video Marketing| Affiliate Marketing

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Vision Marketing & Design Program! [Video]

Vision Marketing and Design, where marketers go to find success when they are tired of spending hundreds of hours learning and thousands of dollars WITHOUT earning. Become a member today and save 66% with this special offer 👉🚨✨FREE GUIDES✨🚨SEO Guide: https://seo.visionmarketinganddesign.comGMB Guide: https://gmb.visionmarketinganddesign.comShopify Guide: https://shopify.visionmarketinganddesign.comMarketing Guide: https://marketing.visionmarketinganddesign.comYoutube Marketing Guide: https://youtube.visionmarketinganddesign.comAdditional recommended tools to help you maximize your online marketing success:📌Canva📌Content Studio📌Jarvis📌Virality Content📌Pabbly📌Twilio📌HLProTools https://hlprotools.visionmarketinganddesign.comDisclaimer: The links in this description are affiliate links and I will earn an income when you decide to make a purchase. However, if not, enjoy the free training!


Grow Your Small Business Using These Two Software [Video]

Website Dojo – Me – Summary: 1. CRM Software (Improve the Relationship with your Customers)Small businesses live and die with their ability to foster and maintain great relationships with their customers. Investing in a Customer Relationship Management system is a sure-fire way to gain a huge competitive advantage over most other businesses as it gives you the ability to automate and monitor your customer communications. Basically, they allow you to save time and spot “gaps” which will improve your customer retention, customer satisfaction … and actually sales as well.2. KPI Software Visualize Your Businesses’ Performance A lot of small business eventually fall into a rut of stagnation because the owner(s) are content with making decisions based purely on instinct. Though this is good to some extent, our “instincts” is really just a manifestation of our knowledge and experience from our subconscious mind.KPIs (i.e., Key Performance Indicators) are essentially statistics that a business can use as measure of performance for a specific objective over time. KPI visualization tools allow business owners to “feed” their subconscious mind with objective, factual and up to date information about how their business is performing in the areas they care about most.

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Breakcold – The MVP we built in 2 weeks to break cold emails [Video]

– We got the idea the 24th December 2021- We bought the domain the 26th December 2021- We got the 267 beta users in 4 hours the 5th January 2022- We finished the MVP the 8th January 2022You can follow our journey on my Twitter: is a cold email outreach software with personalized icebreakers powered by AI. Send cold emails with AI icebreakers that get replies

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Why Do We Need SEO || 4 Reasons Why You Need SEO In 2022 (In English) || Goldie Local SEO [Video]

Welcome you to my “Julian Goldie SEO” Youtube channel. We will continue trying to upload new videos on my channel. Help me to grow our youtube channel, Your little loved help me to grow our youtube channel.Today we’re going to have a good look at why you should invest in and improve your website’s SEO.Visit And SUBSCRIBE To My “Julian Goldie SEO” YouTube Channel For More Videos:👇👍🙂👉…————————————————————–This Video Link:👇👇Why Do We Need SEO || 4 Reasons Why You Need SEO In 2022 (In English) || Goldie Local SEO👉————————————————————–Other Video Links:👇👇How To Avoid SEO Mistake || The Biggest SEO Mistake You Should Avoid || Best Biggest SEO Mistake👉————————————————————–What Is SEO Or PPC || SEO Vs PPC Ads: What’s Best For Your Business? || Julian Goldie SEO👉————————————————————–How To Hire An SEO Expert Team & Recruit A-Players With Julien Nowak-Bourgoin || Julian Goldie SEO👉————————————————————–Jarvis AI For SEO || How To Write Content That Ranks #1 || Jarvis Ai Content Writing For SEO Ranking👉————————————————————–Free Backlinks: How I Get DR90+ Free Backlinks || Free Backlinks For Website || Get Free Backlinks👉————————————————————–How To Increase Your Website`s Page Speed ||19 To 98 On Google Page Speed Insights In 2 Minutes👉————————————————————–Internal And External links: What’s The Difference For SEO? || Julian Goldie SEO👉————————————————————–My Biggest SEO Mistake AVOID DOING THIS || Common SEO Mistakes || Julian Goldie SEO👉————————————————————–Top 3 SEO Tools To Rank Higher On Google || Best Tools For Keyword Research (Frase, Ahrefs, Lemlist)👉————————————————————–Google Algorithm Updates 2022|| Does it Change Your Whole SEO Strategy? || Julian Goldie SEO👉————————————————————–Video Tags:(4 reasons why you need SEO in 2022, reasons why you need SEO in 2022, SEO 2022, SEO, search engine optimization, SEO tips and tricks, SEO tips 2022, advanced SEO 2022, SEO tips and tricks 2022, what is SEO, search engine optimization tutorial for beginners, local SEO tips 2022, why you need SEO in 2022, why you need SEO, SEO for beginners, do you need SEO, websites SEO, goldie local SEO, why you need the best SEO, the importance of SEO, SEO tutorial for beginners, best 4 SEO tip)Timelaps00:00 – Intro00:45 – Reason #1 03:07 – Reason #2 04:19 – Reason #3 06:32 – Reason #4 07:41 – Outro#SEO#SEO_Tips#What_Is_SEO#Goldie_Local_SEO#Why_You_Need_SEOThank You For Watching This Video. Please “SUBSCRIBE” This My “Julian Goldie SEO” YouTube Channel. Do not ForGet To Like, Comment, and Share.👍👍🙂

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6 Cool SEMRush “Tricks” to Unlock Your Marketing Potential- Digital Marketing From the Trenches -… [Video]

Join us this week as we talk about 6 cool SEMRush “Tricks” to Unlock Your Marketing Potential. Timestamps:00:00 – intro04:17 – 6 cool SEMRush “Tricks” to Unlock Your Marketing Potential05:22 – Utilizing the Keyword Magic Tool11:17 – Finding your competitors most highly-trafficked pages16:32 – Using the keyword gap to find high-value search queries23:58 – Finding organic search rankings you’ve lost29:24 – Finding your competitors ads and landing pages34:56 – Managing and disavowing toxic backlinks42:28 – outro


The PLG Insider | Episode 1 | Latest Updates From the Product-Led World | ProductLed.Marketing [Video]

Welcome to the first episode of ‘The PLG Insider’ where we cover PLG news and the PLG industry. Dave Rigotti, CEO and Co-founder of hosts The PLG Insider at ProductLed.Marketing community. PLG Funding Updates1. Heap, a digital insights platform for product builders and growth marketers raised $110M in funding at a $960 million valuation. 2. Retool, a no-code development platform raised $20m in Series C funding which valuing the company at $1.85 billion.PLG Movers and Shakers1. Reprise announced the addition of Live Demo Product to their Sales Suite. They built the product to capture the entire user experience in an application with just a few clicks.2. Pipedrive launched a native integration with customer service software Zendesk to enhance sales peoples’ customer communication. They also recently celebrated growing their employees to 900 by planting trees in Australia.3. Chargebee, a subscription management platform, announced it has opened a dedicated office in Sydney, Australia. The announcement marks the continued expansion of the company. 4. Airtable recently announced that it quietly acquired, a no-code software testing platform. PLG Buzz 1. John Cutler’s tweet on the definition of product-led growth has attracted a really good audience and engagement. Link to the tweet: all the comments, I found Karri’s Thoughts interesting. He says: “The growth is result of product getting better. In other words, the growth is result of product choices, and not because of some separate activity. The adoption and purchasing is also mostly unassisted. You can add marketing, sales etc on top of that but PLG is the main driver.”Around 12 people tweeted their versions of the PLG’s definition under John’s tweet and that gave me an idea to come up with a PLG declaration and get it signed as a PLG pledge by the leaders in product-led companies. So maybe we’ll do that.2. The Future of Product-Led Growth in 2022 – recently published a post on the future of product-led growth in 2022. It included 10 predictions for product-led growth in 2022. Check it out… It’s a really valuable post with some great predictions and insights for all PLG enthusiasts and professionals. Karishma from Vidyard predicts that marketing teams will increase focus on mid/bottom of funnel campaigns to grow user engagement and feature adoption in 2022. At the same time, Michael from Sywdo predicts that the traditional marketing/sales/support silos will disappear in 2022. All of these predictions have created a buzz in the PLG space and check out their post for the details. Link to the article: Community Update1. We are 580 members strong so far and growing every day. As always, we have some interesting posts around product-led marketing and engaging comments. 2. My favorite post was a question by Alex Chestnut. He asked what’s the ideal number of beta testers for valuable feedback? It triggered an insightful discussion that I shared with my team. 3. Anand Patel from Appcues posted an interesting PLG job opportunity for the role of Product Marketing Manager. Check out the jobs board for more information on the same. 4. ProductLed.Marketing has signed on as a paid sponsor of the African American Marketing Association! It’s incredibly important we build a diverse community, and more importantly, a diverse industry. AAMA has created an amazing site supporting Black marketers, be sure to check it out and donate if you can.5. We have some members-only content launching soon, so be sure to join.Thanks for tuning in and if you have news or feedback, be sure to share it at or